Гана. Аккра Гана. Labadi Beach Берн. Женева Острова Фиджи Австралия. Квинсленд Каир Western Australia. Kimberley. О сайте

Western Australia. Kimberley.

Kimberley - wild wilderness.

Plan of trip

Baobab tree in Broome

Street in Broome

I assume it looks like a creek in wet season.

Sounds like a good deal.

Yet another Street Broome

Broome City Centre

Shooting sunset at Cable beach in Broome.

Sunset is being performed into Indian Ocean by the way.


Almost done.

While me and igor were enjoying swimming Pavlo walked along the beach and made a great shot of camels

From Broome to Derby

From Broome to Derby 2

From Broome to Derby 3

Termitaries. They are everywhere. Looks a bit like a graveyard.

So called Prison Tree. Aboriginal people used it as a prison.

Gibb River Road. Beginning.

We don't see bushfires at the moment. It's gonna be alright...

We have 2 full tanks and 20l canister of diesel. Its' gonna be alright...

It's just for 290km. It's gonna be alright...

Gibb River Road.

Raod Train.

Sunset in mirror

Sunset on Gibb River Road

On the way to Windjana Gorge.

Windjana Gorge Pool

Windjana Gorge Pool 2

Windjana Gorge Pool 3

Fresh water crocodile.

Fresh water crocodile and Igor.

Fresh water crocodile and Pavlo.

On the way to Bells Gorge.

On the way to Bells Gorge 2

Bells Gorge Waterfall.

On the way to Adrock gorge.

Adrock Gorge

Igor at Adrock Gorge

Pavlo at Adrock Gorge

Adrock Gorge. View from the top.

Galvins Gorge. Nice for swimming and diving from rocks.

Baobab tree on the way to Galvins Gorge.

Drysdale station.

Looks like a nursing home for cars.

It's not a joke - there is indeed working coin phone inside the fridge.

Near Mitchel Falls.

On the way to Mitchel Falls.

Igor at Mitchel Falls.

Alex at Mitchel Falls.

Mithel Falls from helicopter.

Mithel Falls from helicopter 2.



On the way to El Questro

River crossing.

4WD track near El Questro.

Durack Tree

El Questro. Surroundings.

El Questro. Surroundings.

El Questro. Surroundings.

El Questro. Yet another 4WD track.

El Questro. Sand.

El Questro. Dry season.

El Questro. Crocodile safety.

El Questro. View from hill.

El Questro Gorge

El Questro palms.

El Questro. Alex.

El Questro. Strange Fence.

El Questro. Strange Fence with dead bats.

El Questro waterfall. Probably the most amazing place we have seen in Kimbeley.

Argyle lake.

Timber Creek.

Timber Creek. Concillors.

Timber Creek. Cafe.

Timber Creek. Pub.

Darwin. Bicentennial park.

Darwin. Bicentennial park.

Darwin. Gun in the park.

Darwin. Strange house with rubbish at doorstep and trolley at parking spot.

Darwin. Harbour.

Couple of short videos we shot on our way

River crossing near El Questro

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